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How ER Tape Works

ER (Emergency Repair) Tape is made from a proprietary, highly flexible silicone rubber compound that requires no adhesives and bonds only to itself. Having a tensile strength of 950 PSI, ER Tape can withstand the high pressures normally found on coolant hoses, hydraulic hoses, steam pipes, and standard garden hoses.

ER Tape is easy to use! Simply stretch the tape and wrap it over just about any object. ER Tape will "stick" to itself and vulcanize (cure) in about 24 hours creating a permanent seal that can withstand 950 PSI, extreme temperatures between -40°C (-23.8°F) and 200°C (392°F), and 8,000 volts per layer.

Watch the video below for a great explanation on how ER Tape works and how it can be used: