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ER Tape Specifications & Performance Data

Below you'll find the performance specifications for ER Tape which have been verified using certified and standardized testing methods. The information provided is to ensure that ER Tape is right for your application, be it plumbing, electrical, or pneumatic/hydraulic related. If you require a specific performance metric that is not listed below, please contact us

 Property Performance Test Method
Operating Temperature Range -60°C to 200°C (Continuous)
-65°C to 260°C (Intermittent)
Specific Gravity 1.2 ASTM D792


50 Shore A (Room cured for 24 hours)
70 Shore A (Cured at 300°F)
75 Shore A (Cured at 480°F)
ASTM D2148
Tensile Strength (Minimum) 700psi ASTM D119
Elongation (Minimum) 300% ASTM D119
Bond Strength (Minimum) 2lbs. MIL CID-A-A-59163
Adhesion (Maximum) 3 Inches Unwind ASTM D2148
Cold Brittle Point (Maximum) -65°C ASTM D746
Water Absorption (Maximum) 3% (By weight) MIL CID-A-A-59163
Dielectric Strength (Minimum on 0.02" in. Thickness) 400 volts/minute MIL CID-A-A-59163
Dielectric Constant (1 KHz) 2.95 ASTM D150
Dissipation Factor (1 KHz) < 0.0004 ASTM D150
Volume Resistivity (Minimum) 3^10 MILD CID-A-A-59163