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About us

ER Tape was originally developed for the US Military and is still part of the emergency battlefield damage repair kit in US Army vehicles and tanks. Today, millions of people use ER Tape every single day in a variety of applications for automotive, plumbing, electrical, and marine uses.

ER Tape facts:

  • Made from self-bonding silicone rubber
  • Creates a permanent water-tight, air-tight, high-pressure seal
  • Impervious to extreme temperature, gasoline, oil, solvents, and acid
  • Can be applied under water
  • Originally designed for military use and still part of emergency battle field damage repair kit in all US Army vehicles and tanks
  • With tensile strength of 700 psi, it is ideal repair material in pressurized applications such as hydraulic lines, steam pipes, and compressed air tubes
  • Insulates up to 8000 volts per layer for electrical applications
  • Wraps easily over irregularly shaped objects
  • Cures in 24 hours at room temperature (faster with heat application)
  • Made in USA